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Software Engineer: what he does, salary and what to study

Software Engineer
(software engineer) applies mathematical analysis and principles of computer science to the
Of computer software. This is a highly sought-after profession that opens up many options: freelance work but also employment with a company or agency.

What does a software engineer do

Software engineering is a branch of computer science that includes the development of
application software
and of
software for computer systems
. L’software engineer must therefore have an in-depth knowledge of programming languages, be able to develop software, be familiar with operating systems, and know how to apply the principles of computer engineering.

Employing these principles at every stage of the development process, it creates customized systems for users.

The types of software that a Software Engineer can develop are numerous:
operating systems, games, enterprise programs and middleware
(computer programs that play an intermediary role between different applications and software components). Starting from the analysis of user needs, thesoftware engineer will go about designing, developing, and testing the type of software he needs, usually working with a programmer who can translate his “instructions” into computer language.

Among the
skills of a

Software Engineer
Fall under:

  • the
    design of software
    that facilitate business processes and meet customer needs;
  • software development starting from the
    writing source code
  • The resolution of any bugs that may arise;
  • the
    over time of the operation of the software;
  • the development and management of
  • l’
    of business applications.

Thanks to the work of the Software Engineer, it is possible Use programs designed specifically for different needs. The ideal software must be effective, useful and intuitive, a goal that is achieved through collaboration between the Software Engineer, business managers, the workers who are going to use the programs, and various other professionals (from the
UX Designer
who will be in charge of the software interface, to the
Data Scientist
who will provide data and statistics).

What qualifications are needed to be a software engineer

become a software engineer
it is necessary to possess Hard Skills in computer science: you need to know programming languages (HTML, Css, Java, Python, etc.) and software architectures, but also know how to collect, model and manage data.

Several Soft Skills are then useful for entering this profession:

  • analytical skills
    , to identify what business needs can be translated into software;

  • problem solving
  • ability to
  • propensity for

  • punctuality
  • knowledge of
    , the language of computer science.

In general, thesoftware engineer is a professional
with a degree in computer science or computer engineering
and also often attended a master’s program in software engineering. In addition, numerous are the
training courses on programming languages
which it is possible to attend even without a prior degree.

What is his salary?

salary of a Software Engineer
in Italy is about €40,000 a year: ranging from €35,000 for an entry-level position to over €50,000 for a more experienced professional.

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