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Assessments: here are all the tests to measure your skills

Have you ever thought of testing your skills, to test your abilities in different forms of reasoning? Thanks to Phyd you can do that.

Our platform provides you with a large number of tests, useful for assessing your knowledge. These results help determine the employability index, which measures a person's ability to know how to actively seek, find and keep a job. The term thus represents the ability to obtain employment (which can be either the first job ever or a new job), including making transitions from an unemployed condition or previous work experience.

Skills test: to know your potential in depth

Knowing the real level of one's skills means having the right awareness of our potential as we look at what opportunities to seize in the job market.a

With mental ability tests, for example, you can test yourself in the different forms of reasoning: from abstract to numerical to verbal reasoning, compare yourself with the questions posed and find out which mode of reasoning you prefer.

The 12-minute abstract reasoning test includes thirteen sets consisting of multiple drawings: in each you will need to identify the missing figure to complete the drawing, and thus test your reasoning ability.

The test for numerical skills, on the other hand, consists of a problem set that will require you to perform a series of calculations while the test for verbal skills is based on relating pairs of words to each other and inserting the missing word between them. Together these tests provide a clear and reliable assessment of one's reasoning ability.

But that's not all: there are many more Phyd tests you can try your hand at by registering for free on our platform:

  • test for soft skills (or soft skills): this is the test to assess your communication and managerial skills, communication and planning skills, which are transversal to every profession;
  • self-assessment of learning agility: it allows you to understand how easy it is for you to learn;
  • digital skills;
  • english test..

Although each profession requires one or more specific skills, soft skills play an essential role. In fact, they enable you to do your work to the best of your ability, exploiting your full potential.

The importance of assessment

Assessments are crucial at many stages of one's career path, but they are even more important before a job interview. Not infrequently, it is the companies themselves who ask candidates to undergo complex tests and assessments. Here, then, taking free online assessments can help you prepare for the interview.

With the tests available on Phyd you can check your technical and soft skills, such as your ability to work in a team, manage relationships with colleagues, or problem solving. Not only that, you may also discover that you have personal characteristics that you didn't know you had, starting with your creative skills and ending with your leadership skills.

If you are about to face a job interview or want to know your potential in depth, test yourself with Phyd's tests. Would you like to embark on a path to improve your skills? Then also check out Phyd's courses or our coaching, tutoring and mentoring services.