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How to choose the best course in UI Design

UI Design, User Interface Design, is the design of the user interface. This is a professional figure who works on how sites and applications look, how they are styled, and how they are usable by the user. Thus, his task is to design Web sites and apps according to the logic defined by theUX Designer, to define their graphic language, and to build adaptable layouts. But how is a UI design course conducted?

UI Design courses, why choose them and what they teach

By taking a UI Design course, you learn how to make sites and applications beautiful to look at and easy to use on the user’s side. Through a skillful combination of text, images and graphic elements, the UI Designer builds the success of a Web site or app.

A UI Design course is essential for those who intend to begin designing user interfaces. However, it can also prove useful for creatives who do not intend to build a career in this field but want to optimize and implement their digital skills, to put them at the service of the company where they work or even for themselves.

By acquiring the basics of UI Design, in fact, it is possible to design and create simple sites and applications-an advantage for microbusinesses, nonprofits, and all those entities that want to have a presence on the Web but lack the financial resources to hire a team of Web design professionals.

A course in UI Design teaches:

  • Design an interface that is correct in aesthetics and functionality;
  • analyze the target audience and the path taken by the user within a site or app, to understand how to build the user interface;
  • Choose the layout best suited to the user-target;
  • Use major UI patterns ;
  • Use the color palette correctly;
  • Choose fonts and match them with each other;
  • Select the right images to attract the user’s attention and arouse emotion;
  • Use graphic elements in a harmonious way;
  • Recognize and correct common UI errors;
  • Make interactive prototypes to present to the client.

In order to choose the best UI Design course, given the many proposals, it is necessary to make some evaluations: to consult the syllabus, first of all, but also to understand if the mode of fruition (online, in-person, live, streaming) is the most suitable for your needs.

UI Design course for jobs: what are the career outlets

Thanks to UI Design courses, it is possible to have access to various professional outlets:

  • UI Designer: user interface designers take care of the visual appearance of sites and applications, making sure they effectively communicate the messages the client wants to convey;
  • Visual Designers: are responsible for creating the individual elements of the visual language that enable other creatives to build layouts and designs. They work in many fields, from advertising to Web design, from App design to gaming. They build assets such as banner ads, text overlays, fonts and various other elements of digital design;
  • Design Director: because many design projects involve large-scale collaboration between designers and developers, the Design Director is called upon to oversee this process, helping teams work together. He must therefore possess the technical skills of a UI Designer to oversee the work of teams, but also the Soft Skills of a Project Manager to ensure that the human element of a design project is managed effectively.

Do you think UI Design is your path, and would you like to think about what profession to pursue? Or do you feel you are at a turning point in your career, and would like to figure out what skills to deepen? PHYD’s experts are at your disposal!


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