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Programming courses: how to get started in programming?

Many people, when they decide to
learn to program
, they choose a programming language and throw themselves headlong into it. How? Watching tutorials on YouTube, buying a manual, or following a

It is precisely by following a
programming course
that you learn to program methodically and lay the foundation for a successful career.

Online programming courses

: why to attend them

Taking an
online programming course
brings with it numerous benefits.

First of all, becoming a programmer means in many cases giving yourself a rewarding and fulfilling career. Although it is not easy to pinpoint the value of the average salary of a programmer, in Italy it is around 32,000 euros a year, with contracts that can be as high as 45,000 euros. The supply, then, is definitely vast: the latest estimate from the Digital Skills Observatory speaks of 88,000 information professionals in demand by companies, including programmers (half of the total), analysts, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence experts. Studying as a programmer can therefore help you to embark on a
new career
, and makes you a valuable candidate in an increasingly digitized world.

Even if your job does not require a deep understanding of programming languages, know how to program helps you because, in all likelihood, you will be dealing with those who deal with it. Learning coding, can then allow you to better understand what your company’s programmer is doing at a more complex level.

In addition, taking a programming course helps you to
develop problem-solving skills
: learning to program, and understanding the logic of coding, teaches thinking. Not to mention that programming can come in handy at work in ways you didn’t think possible.

What are the
you can enter if you know how to program?

  • software developer
  • Web Developer
  • software engineer
  • Database Administrator
  • system analyst
  • quality control engineer
  • business intelligence analyst
  • Network Administrator

It goes without saying that knowing coding in the world of work can be really useful.


How to choose the programming course

that’s right for you

The first thing you need to consider when choosing your programming course, is the
you intend to learn. If you want to
working on the web
you need to know HTML and CSS (essential for creating site content) and a language such as Javascript, Java or Python.

If your desire is to
develop apps
, you will need to know Objective-C and Swift for iOS and Java or Kotlin for Android. Java, Visual Basic or C# are for desktop programs, JSON and XML are for exchanging data between different applications.

What are the
programming languages most in demand
? First among them JavaScript, fundamental to the creation of dynamic and interactive Web sites. And then Java, LinkedIn’s language, suitable for building complete systems and essential for developing apps for Android. On the third step of the podium we find
, simple to understand and considered by many to be the best language to practice with in the beginning.

Therefore, there is no absolute best course: it depends on why you decided to to study programming. Once this is established, inquire about the lecturer: opts for courses taught by qualified lecturers. Then read the
course program
: it is necessary that the lessons be in line with your level and cover all the topics that interest you.



programming courses

on Phyd

provides its members with numerous courses. There are courses to learn how to program from scratch with HTML and CSS, Javascript and Bootstrap, courses to design an algorithm using C++ as the reference language. Courses that teach programming for the web as well as for industry. Simply choose the one that best suits your needs and attend when you are most comfortable.

Sign up on Phyd
(it’s free!) and check out the list of all the
programming courses
we promote.


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