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Questions to ask at an interview to make a good impression

Do you have an interview coming up, and the idea of how to deal with the recruiter scares you? Questions to ask a recruiter at an interview can send you into crisis. But by following a few simple tips, you can make a good impression and increase your chances of making a good impression during the job interview

How to make a good impression at a job interview?

Before we even see what questions to ask the recruiter, it is good to know what to do and how to pose to make a good impression. This is the case whether the interview is held by the human resources manager or directly with the company owner.

First, be sure to arrive on time. Ideally, you should reach the interview location 10-15 minutes before the scheduled time. Bring a copy of your Curriculum Vitae, even if you have already emailed it.

Also, make sure you know the name of the person you are to meet and show yourself prepared. Before the meeting, take some time to read and browse the company website and take a look at the company’s social profiles.

Pay attention to clothing as well: if you are not familiar with the rules of the corporate dress code, choose an outfit that is in line with the industry in which the company operates, and avoid wearing unironed or overly conspicuous garments.

When the interview begins, show yourself smiling and confident: make eye contact with the recruiter, maintain good posture, and do not interrupt him or her when speaking. Give concise and relevant answers and avoid rambling.

Job interview: the questions

Knowing the questions to ask at a job interview really comes in handy: it gives you a competitive edge over other candidates.

Questions about the role

First, it is good to ask questions about the job position for which you are applying:

  • What are the challenges required by the role?
  • What duties does the position entail, and what will be the responsibilities?
  • Is training provided?
  • What are the long-term opportunities?
  • How will job performance be evaluated?
  • What does the company expect from those in that position?
  • What does the company expect from those in that position?

Don’t be afraid to ask these questions: the best candidates are proactive, inquisitive, and want to be sure that-for their role-the company has planned specific tasks and short-, medium-, and long-term goals.

Questions about corporate culture

Every job involves interaction with a work team and new managers. Knowing what to expect will help you assess whether this is the right job for you:

  • How many people will work with me (and/or be my responsibility)?
  • Will I have to manage people remotely?
  • What challenges is the company facing?
  • What is the management style?
  • How does the manager interact with employees?
  • What image does the company want to give compared with its competitors?
  • How does the company want to be recognized in the eyes of customers?

What not to say at a job interview

It’s not just what to ask your new employer that matters: it’s also important to know what not to ask and what not to say.

First of all, avoid asking why your Resume was chosen: if you know the skills required for that role, and the tasks to be performed, you already know the answer.

Also, don’t badmouth your old (or current) job: if you are asked why you want to change jobs, don’t say that you didn’t get along with your boss or colleagues but instead explain why the open job position would be perfect for you.

Do not begin by asking about salary, and do not come across as uncertain or arrogant: answering “I don’t know” to a question is just as damaging as answering “you can find it on my CV.”

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